Sanity Podcast Server

This is a simple server for the sanity podcast plugin built on node.js and Hapi.

You can host it yourself or use this service by adding https:// www.sanitypodcastfeed.com to your CORS-settings and getting your feeds by accessing the url:

e.g. https://www.sanitypodcastfeed.com/j4iakyct/production/small-differences/rss

How it works

This service runs a node.js server with routing and takes the slugs from your url and use them to access your podcast and episodes schemes using the @sanity/client. It then takes the return JSON-data and converts into a RSS-feed using the npm-package rss. Most of the time was used to figure out what needed to be in a valid podcast-RSS feed. For that I used Castfeedvalidator. You should probably test your own feed with it as well.